Our Story

We were established on March 3, 2014 in Teknopark İzmir, on the campus of İzmir Institute of Technology, where the sea and the forest meet. Since the first day, we have developed projects intertwined with the academy, business world and students. In many of them, we reached hundreds of thousands of users in a short time, and we are sure you have heard of some of them.

We live in a shrunken world where borders are gone. However, our habits are also changing. We are nearing the end of our days of working side by side in a physical office. We now work remotely, regardless of location and time, and digitize our offices.

As the Sitoplazma, we are not dependent on devices or locations; We are developing an ecosystem where we can easily access all our digital assets wherever we go in the world and continue our work from where we left off.

  • Founded

    3 Mart 2014

  • Headquarters

    Teknopark İzmir,
    İzmir - Türkiye