We are Sitoplazma. We develop softwares that reaches hundreds of thousands of users around the world, such as Koful and Derdost. In addition, we produce projects that shape the future in many fields from cloud computing to mobile applications, from IoT solutions to blockchain technology.


An excellent cloud storage service from Sitoplazma. Safely store all your files and photos, and access them anytime, anywhere.

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Derdost allows you to message anonymously with people around the world who share the same problems as you. Derdost does not request any personal information from you, and always protects your anonymity.

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AI Chatbot

A great tool from Sitoplazma for both work and entertainment. AI Chatbot is an artificial intelligence assistant that understands you and provides solutions tailored to your needs.

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AI Characters

An app filled with virtual heroes brought to life by artificial intelligence. Create your dream character and chat endlessly.

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